Why are emergency generator sets important?

Emergency generator sets
Emergency generator sets are a reliable backup energy source, highly used in various strategic sectors all over the world.

The emergency generator sets market in the USA has been growing because of the health crisis and the constant outages witnessed in diverse areas of the country.

It is essential to have a safe and reliable backup energy source since it is highly used in various strategic sectors, which generates an expansion in economic activity.

Nowadays, having a genset is important for any industry because it allows the following points:

  • Processes continuity, avoiding economic and human losses
  • Guaranteed power backup: protection against eventualities
  • Benefits of being an eco-friendly company
  • Different types of fuels that adjust to each business’s needs

What kind of business can benefit from emergency generator sets?

Whether your business is small or big, these sectors can take advantage of an electrical generator:

  • Industrial
  • Health
  • Building
  • Communications
  • Poultry
  • Financial
  • Technological
  • Commercial
  • Entertainment
  • Electrical energy solutions
  • And more

At our production plant, we have the capacity to manufacture more than 2,000 generator sets per year, customizing them to comply with all your specifications.

Our electrical gensets are certified by international regulations, guaranteeing their quality.

 Our value offer:

  • Advisory from the work and/or construction for the correct assembly
  • We customize each genset and acoustic enclosure, covering all our clients’ necessities.
  • Efficient maintenance by skilled and trained personnel, providing customer service 365 days a year.

This is the reason why many companies trust our quality, not only in the United States, but also in other 18 countries.

IGSA Power provides electric supply to schools, laboratories, factories, government, banks, hotels, malls, and many other sectors. You can peek at our case studies, to learn more.

We support the production processes of practically any industry, ensuring their efficient supply of electrical energy.

For more information, please contact our specialists via mail or phone:

956 791 4472

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