Types of emergency generator sets

There are different types of emergency generator sets: serving as energy backup when there are power outages.

Nowadays, having power backup is a fundamental need for any sector, from industrial to housing, health, and information management. For this reason, it is essential to have an emergency generator set, capable of covering your electrical needs.

What is an emergency generator set?

An emergency generator set – also called Genset – is the equipment that provides us with energy through a generator coupled to an internal combustion engine that can be powered by diesel or natural gas, transforming the movement into alternating current voltage, serving as energy backup when there are power outages.

What is the function of an emergency genset?

Its main function is to provide and manage energy, ensuring the operational continuity of your business, with an effective energy backup by activating itself within 15 seconds after a power outage, preventing accidents and ensuring a risk-free operation. Thus, it is important to have a backup power generator to cover the needs of any type of business, be it industrial, hospitals, construction sites, supermarkets, etc.

Emergency generator sets

Types of emergency generator sets

At IGSA we have gensets with a capacity ranging from 20 to 3000 kW, in addition, our company is a reference in the industry: we are pioneers in the production and commercialization of diesel and gas generators, with which we manage to guarantee the continuity in the operations of our clients according to their needs.

Learn more about the types of generator sets:

  • Diesel-powered generator
  • Gas-powered generator
  • Industrial generator: it provides uninterrupted electrical power, it is used in daily work, and as emergency power, it could be towable for easier transportation.
  • Portable generators – ease of transfer with wheels for mobility. Its great advantage is that it does not require a complex installation for its use.

Diesel-powered generator set

It is a piece of equipment that uses mechanical energy – since its use is mainly to cover electrical needs that require greater power – generating electric current continuously.

Its fundamental characteristic is achieved through the fact that diesel burns at a very high temperature, continuously providing greater power to the generator.

Characteristics of a diesel generator

  • Its power is the main characteristic and differentiator among other diesel generators since it is superior and provides energy for a long time.
  • It has a higher power capacity, compared to other emergency gensets.
  • It handles less flammability by diesel compared to other types of fuels.
  • Easy access to fuel.
  • It is ideal as emergency generator or energy backup.

Types of diesel-powered gensets

Soundproof: These models’ structure is reinforced with an additional layer – called an acoustic box – that allows them to isolate and minimize the noise they produce while running.

Single-phase: It is a device that can only produce one phase of electrical energy, that is, a single type of voltage.

Three-phase: This type of device creates two phases of power, allowing you to choose the type you need to power machines with.

Inverter: These are generators that operate with a technology that is responsible for filtering the current they produce to ensure that it is of good quality, avoiding electrical damage.

The IGSA diesel generators that we provide to meet the needs of our customers are:

  • John Deere from 60- 400kW
  • Mitsubishi 800-2000kW
  • Volvo UL 300-600kW

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Differences between diesel and gasoline generators

When we compare diesel and gasoline generators, we find the following differences:

  • Continuous use. Diesel generators perform better in this type of use.
  • They consume less fuel than gasoline-powered devices.
  • They are more ecological by emitting fewer gases into the atmosphere, compared to generators that work with gasoline.
  • It produces more noise than a gasoline model, however, an acoustic cabin is an ideal complement to a soundproof generator.

Natural gas-powered generator

Natural gas can be used to power either emergency or continuous generators for operation, since it is considered one of the most accessible and efficient fuels for power generation, among non-renewable resources, being ideal for cogeneration projects as it can be easily reused. Learn more about them here.

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