What we do?

Who we are?

We are an engineering company, specialized in sustainable design and construction, infrastructure, operation, maintenance, and power backup, protecting your entire operation.

We are pioneers in generator manufacturing, leaders in cogeneration power plants, and experts in backup for IT infrastructure. IGSA has 50 years of experience, covering 17 countries and a network of over 50 distributors, across the nation and worldwide…

Who we are?
Markets we serve

Markets we serve

Why work
with IGSA?

Why work with IGSA?

We have the tools and the latest technologies for the continuity of your business. At IGSA, we identify and quantify the possible risks and opportunities of your company.

We have the solutions to counteract the damages and protect your business. Our global capacity, experience, incomparable talent and unique service allow us to deliver unique and comprehensive solutions to each of our clients.

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Power Progress April 2024