Visit our facilities

Visiting our facilities will allow you to learn more about our processes, the quality of our gensets, and gain trust in IGSA Power. 



Day 1

Arrival in Mexico City. 

You will be accommodated in the district of Santa Fe, just 30 min away from our Lerma Production Plant.

Santa Fe is one of Mexico City’s major business districts and consists mainly of high-rise buildings surrounding the largest mall in Latin America.

Lunch and/or dinner will be arranged dependent on travel itinerary.

Day 2

8:00 AM         Breakfast

10:00 AM        Visit and tour our IGSA Power Plant in Lerma

1:00 PM          Lunch

3:30 PM          Visit IGSA Power headquarters in Mexico City + meetings.

7:00 PM          Dinner


Day 3

Departing a valuable experience.

Breakfast and/or lunch will be arranged per the return flight schedule.

We thank you for venturing to our facilities and gaining trust in the IGSA brand.

Book a visit

To schedule a visit to our plant, please contact us at, or get in touch directly with your sales representative.

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